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Merry Isshimas!

What can I say about my hero that hasn't already been said on this Holy day? Probably nothing. But I feel compelled to at least repeat it, in a vain attempt to repay him for all that he has done not only for me, but for others.

I can't put my finger on what exactly it is about Isshi that makes me love him so. Is it his lyrics? I love his lyrics, that much is obvious. But what makes his lyrics so different than the millions of other lyricists out there? Maybe it makes me feel closer to him because I don't just get to read his lyrics, I get to translate them. I get to read them in the Japanese, (Which in itself at times is horribly hard) then I get to interpret the beauty of them in my first language. His words are never uplifting words of inspiration, in fact, most of them time they are of death. (Albeit death from a Buddhists point of view... which is vastly different from, say, an American rockstar's words of death.) But they inspire me and others nonetheless, and for me, it's because of the way he constructs them. And while my English translations may be nice, they're nothing compared to really understanding how the original Japanese works together and what it expresses. That's why it's very frustrating for me to translate poetic things such as lyrics sometimes, because the two languages are so different that it's impossible for me to truly convey some things, and it makes me sad. It's like I was telling Maira earlier, its kind of like seeing the most beautiful painting, and then going home and trying to replicate the beauty of it to someone with crayons. Isshi, and well, all of Kagrra, are a symbol of beauty, intelligence, and calm to me, and remind me that all three still exist in times when sometimes I don't really believe they do.
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